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During the interview, Rose offered some particularly strong words for those who criticize his continued legal gambling on sports by stating the following: Who cares if I want to make a legal bet and go home and watch it? Who am I hurting? Im not hurting anybody, Im living my life. [ Sign up for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball | 2017 Player Rankings ] Rose, who was denied reinstatement to Major League Baseball by commissioner Rob Manfred and remains shut out from the Baseball Hall of Fame, also questioned the Halls selection process and its guidelines based on members who are already in. I know a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is not full of altar boys. You want me to reconfigure my life? Tell me what you want me to do. Its the same song and dance weve heard and seen for many years with Rose. Though with each passing year it seems hes somehow further removed from the understanding that his actions were damaging to the integrity of baseball. Pete Rose continued defending his gambling habits during an interview with Joe Buck.

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